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A True Turn-Key System

Interactive Digital Kiosks

The future of interactive digital kiosks is here. Blue Lotus Interactive provides your property with sleek, American-made, all-weather touch-screen kiosks with fully integrated software built on a secure platform, guaranteed to enhance guest experience, reduce staff workload, and modernize and monetize your properties.

Included with all Kiosks

Premium Software Integration

Our fully-integrated software is built on a secure platform and is guaranteed to enhance customer experience, provide revenue-generation, way-finding for your visitors, reduced staff-workload, and monetize and modernize all spaces. Premium software comes with all products and includes:

Interactive Digital Kiosks - Blue Lotus Interactive
Interactive Digital Kiosks - Blue Lotus Interactive

Customizable Screens

Home and AutoScroll

Our premium software allows for unlimited customizable auto-scrolling ads and messages, ensuring optimal branding visibility, information, and point of sale  24/7/365. Each screen can be customized to include text, images, videos, and more. Customers and users can touch interesting ads and messages, which lead to gorgeous on-platform or secure website landing pages where they can receive additional information about your business or advertisers. Home and auto-scrolling pages include:

Unmatched Functionality

Landing Pages

Take advantage of our premium landing page features, design your own portrait style landing page, or direct people directly to your approved website landing page or business pages. Landing page options include:

Interactive Digital Kiosks - Blue Lotus Interactive
Interactive Digital Kiosks - Blue Lotus Interactive

Take It Everywhere

Complete Mobile Integration

Customers and users can take your information with them on any mobile device, keeping them in contact with your business long after they leave the kiosk. Messages can be programed to ping guests when they reach specific areas of your choice.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

The Blue Lotus Interactive "Brilliance"

Save time, money, and energy by taking advantage of the Blue Lotus Brilliance. When you purchase any interactive digital kiosk from us, you’ll receive:

Generic Graphic - Blue Lotus Interactive
Generic Graphic - Blue Lotus Interactive
Circular Rainbow Graphic - All Inclusive Price

All-Inclusive Price

With Blue Lotus, what you see is what you get. The sale price is the same you'll receive on your invoice. Custom pricing options and financing available.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Customization

Color and Graphics Customization

Choose a color that fits your brand. Custom graphics ensure your kiosks are beautiful and branded to your property.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Premium Software

1-Year of Premium Software

Take advantage of our premium software for a full-year. Lock in your software renewal price upon purchase.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Site Survey and Installation

Site Survey and Installation

Our team will ensure your property is prepared for installation, so we can get your kiosks up and running to perfection.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Tax and Shipping

Shipping and Tax

Our prices include tax and shipping within the continental US. Worldwide shipping available upon request.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Maintenance

1-Year of Maintenance and Support

Our Kiosks rarely need servicing, but if something goes awry, we'll either walk you through the process, or service the equipment in-person.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Software Setup, Content Creation, and Deployment

Setup, Content Creation, and Deployment

For every kiosk you purchase, our team will setup your profiles, and create 10 ads/messages with landing pages for quick deployment.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Data Reporting

Monthly Data Reporting

Data analysis is simple, but our team can monitor your content and provide monthly reports to save you time and energy.

Circular Rainbow Graphic - Consulting

Monthly Marketing Consulting

Take advantage of our team's experience with 2 free hours of marketing consulting per month, for twelve months.

Interactive Digital Kiosks - Blue Lotus Interactive

Choose Your Design

Exquisite Selection

Gorgeous designs modernize and brighten spaces. Custom color and wrap-around graphics match your brand to perfection. Custom designs available. 

All of our durable steel enclosures are made in America with Green IT compliant manufacturing. High-Definition LED 1920x1080P Resolution screen come standard. High-Brightness screens available. 

EPA-approved powder coating is fade-resistant and anti-microbial.

Interactive Digital Kiosks

Standard Options

Interactive Digital Kiosks - Blue Lotus Interactive
Interactive Digital Kiosks - Blue Lotus Interactive

Custom Solutions

Additional Options